Our goal is to breed for horses that possess it ALL....
Conformation, Disposition, Breeding, Performance AND Color!!


A Tru Rolex

Our Senior Stallion, "Rolex" obtained his first 2000 APHA Reserve
World Championship in Amateur Heeling
as a 4-year old, his other
Reserve World Championships in 2004 and 4 Congress
He currently has 8 Superiors, 9 ROMs and over
2124 APHA Performance Points.

This outstanding Stallion has it ALL.....Good Looks, Conforma-
tion, a Quiet Disposition, Athletic Ability, Champion Pedigree,
Proven Performance...PLUS being
Tobiano and the Black Gene.

Rolex's first crop of babies arrived in 2003 and can be viewed
on his website.

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A Tru Rolex
1996 APHA Black Tobiano

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Passion Buck
1998 APHA Buckskin Tobiano

Passion Buck

Our Herd Stallion and most recent "Tru Champion" is Passion Buck, a 1998 Buckskin Tobiano. This young Stallion is a one-of-a-kind....a Buckskin Tobiano HOMOZYGOUS for both Tobiano and the Black Gene!!  Add to that Conformation, Quiet Disposition, Athletic Ability and a Champion Pedigree and this Stallion also has EVERYTHING you're looking for!!

Buck launched his show career in April of 2002, won his first
APHA Reserve World Championship (Junior Heeling) in July 2003 and in September 2003 became our first APHA Champion.

Bred to many of our own Mares for 2002 & 2005 Foals, see our Sale Pages for offspring by this extremely talented young Stallion.

Gay Bar Drummer

Gay Bar Drummer is a 2000 Dun Stallion that is HOMOZYGOUS for Tobiano.  This performance-bred Stallion's Pedigree includes Shots Flying Spark, Gay Bar King, Silver Jingo, Gay Widow, Wimpy II, Skip By Impress, Dixie's War Drum and Three Bars, all on his 4-Generation Papers. He began training in 2003 and launched his show career in 2004, achieving an ROM in Heeling and points in Reining, in limited showing.


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Gay Bar Drummer
2000 APHA DunTobiano

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A Tru Legacy
1998 APHA Black Tobiano

A Tru Legacy

A Tru Legacy is a 1998 Black Tobiano Stallion that is HOMOZYGOUS for Tobiano and HOMOZYGOUS for Black. 



Tru Oakley

Tru Oakley is a 2009 Grullo Tobiano Stallion that is HOMOZYGOUS for Tobiano and HOMOZYGOUS for Black. 


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Tru Oakley
1998 APHA Grullo Tobiano


Our Breeding Program

To compliment our great Stallions we have given special consideration to the selection of the Mares that make up our Broodmare Band.  All of our Mares have wonderful dispositions and excellent pedigrees filled with Champions and Performers as we strive to produce Foals that possess good dispositions, plus all the qualities and the potential to perform in the show ring and become the Champions of Tomorrow.

Be sure to visit the our Sale Barns to see all the Foals and Yearlings now being offered For Sale.


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